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Waterslides - Fiesta Jump Rentals

Mini Castle Waterslide Combo Jumper

This Mini Castle Waterslide Combo jumper is for the little tykes as it comes with a slightly smaller bouncer and shorter slide than the regular combo jumper.  If your a parent and worried about your little guys and gals, then this smaller combo jumper is for you.

For additional fun, add any one of our licensed theme banners from our modular jumper section or see our examples below.

Product Description

Size: 29L x 15W x 14H (waterslide)
Size: 24L x 15W x 14H (dryslide) 

Approved For Indoor: Yes

Approved For Outdoor: Yes

Note: Slide and Jumper are one piece and cannot be separated.

Fiesta Jump Rentals - 21' Mini Castle Module Combo Slide

Fiesta Jump Rentals Combo Mini Castle Dryslide Fiesta Jump Rentals Combo Mini Castle WaterslideFiesta Jump Rentals Combo Mini Castle Waterslide